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Guitar! By Smule

Age Level: Ages: 12 +
By Developer: Smule

Guitar! is an interactive experience which brings you musical collaboration between guitar and singer.

The app features different types of guitar which can be simulated in order to perform a large variety of songs, ranging from classic tunes to modern day pop songs. The format of the interface is a guitar fret board which is strummed, or plucked, when indicated by different colored dots that travel down the fretboard. The interface allows the user to add personal flourishes to the song with vibrato, additional strumming or plucking, or other emphasis to specific notes.

Each song has a vocalist on the track who you collaborate with to make the song sound just perfect. These vocalists come from the Sing! Karaoke by Smule app. So each song really is a collaborative effort between Smule app users. Each performance is recorded and can be re-listened to or saved so you can hear how good you did. This app is a lot of fun.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.
In-app purchasing.


  • Follow notes by strumming or picking (or you can improvise!)
  • Choose from a variety of songs
  • Save and share your performances

Video Review