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Healthy Swimming

Age Level: All Ages

I have to say that the CDC puts out some pretty amazing, free apps. This particular app goes over everything you could imagine, with several categories, from the benefits of swimming, water safety, swimming in different types of environments and what is in the water. Each of these have subcategories, many of which take you to additional pages on their website for more information. I found the data on kiddie pools very informative, as well as the pros and cons of swim diapers. Not to mention exactly how to test your pool and hot tub, including exact instructions and downloadable PDFs.

In the options, you can change the text, bookmark and highlight, add notes and more. In addition, you can share information with another.

The above is just a brief glimpse of what the app entails. I personally think it's a great source for all parents to have, right there on your smart phone!

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • How to stay healthy and safe in all types of water
  • Recreational water related issues
  • Boating safety and much, much more!

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