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$3.99 at time of review
Video Review:

Hop on Pop - Dr. Seuss

Age Level: Ages 0–5
By Developer: Oceanhouse Media

Oceanhouse Media has done a great job with their digital rendition of Hop on Pop. This book was a well read early reader around our house, when my kids were young. I still can recite parts of it, and do so (much to my kids chagrin). Part of my job of being a parent!

I paid more than 3.99 for the book and it didn't have half the capabilities of this version.

In the “Read To Me” version the words are highlighted as the story is told. You can tap on individual words to hear them again, or double tap on the sentence to have it read again. You can tap on most of picture and get this function as well.

In the “Read To Myself” version, the words will highlight when tapped, allowing for some help from the book.

Settings allows you to turn off sound effects, picture tap, read to me and read alerts. Perfect for ensuring the correct reading level of the child.

In the background you will hear twittering birds as well as upbeat music, adding a whimsical Dr. Seussing level of fun – he would be proud of.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • Encourages literacy skills with highlighted narration
  • Learn new vocabulary with tappable words and pictures
  • Record your own narration & share it with others
  • Select a scene with easy-to-use navigation
  • Keep kids in the story with parental controls 

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