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Age Level: All Ages

Ok, so I'm not exactly sold on the name of this app, as I don't think it really gives you the picture of what it entails, but I do see that getting kids to do fun science projects, activities, games and such is certain to create many big smiling faces out there. And that is just what this app is all about.

By doing a word search, or just choosing from the most popular listed, there are over 2,000 science adventures in this free app. You can do a search based on age as well. Many of the ideas can be done for free, or at a minimal cost. It is perfect for any teacher, home-school environment, scout program or the like. Not to mention at home rainy day projects for the kids.

The Lawrence Hall of Science puts out some pretty amazing apps. These apps are free, inspiring and ever so educational.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • Over 2,000 activities, games, experiments, and more. Sample the Top 20 most popular, or search the whole collection by word—like sound or planet; by topic—like Animals, Food and Cooking, Computers, or Sports and Exercise;

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