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$1.99 at time of review
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I Like Books - 37 Picture Books for Kids in 1 App

Age Level: Ages 0–5

With this app, your child can read and learn about animals, the snow, various seasons, familial relations, and a lot more.

Many of the reviews, in this section of our website, are applications that are story books. For $1.99, in the app store, you can find all sorts of single books with narrations and pictures that you can read with your kids. This application has them all beat. It has 37 unique and distinctly different picture books, each of them educational.

Each book has beautiful photos (no cartoon illustrations), which are professionally narrated. You can add your own narration to the book by hitting the record button on the top of each page. You also have the ability to not only change the sentence under the picture, but add captions and recordings to different things on the page. These show up when touched.

The design of the user interface is very much like the iBooks shelf design and is very easy to navigate.

I highly recommend this app as it not only very customizable, but gives quite a bang for your 2 bucks. If nothing else, you are provided over a month's worth of bedtime stories.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.


  • 37 picture books
  • Professional photography
  • Professional narrations
  • Customize the narration into your own voice

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