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$3.99 at time of review

I Need My Monster - Interactive Children's Book App

Age Level: Ages 5-8

Based on the award winning book, I Need My Monster, by Amanda Noll, is one amazing app! Full of the original illustrations, but very interactive in this digital form. The app allows for tons of tapping, tilting and swiping that bring the book to life and create a fun environment for children to explore.

In my option, the book has a very watered down flavor in the “scary” department, and in fact can go a long way in making the not uncommon, “Mommy, I feel like something is under my bed!” origination from your child a bit easier to confront. Like with many of the animated movies coming out, monsters are not necessarily all that bad.

When a child receives a note from her personal monster, Gabe, that he has gone fishing, he looks for a replacement. A kid needs his monster after all. A series of monsters visit, of which NONE will do. None of them can pull of that “scary” factor that is needed and wanted!

The app allows for a read to me, read myself and auto-turn pages version. Words are highlighted – perfect for our budding readers. The narration is stellar, with absolutely amazing sound effects. There is even a memory card game, that allows for 6, 12 or 18 cards, as well as a memory game, called Follow Me, where you tap monsters in the order in which they sound out. You can even add your child's face to a poster on the wall, personalizing the book for your child.

Definitely worth every penny of the $3.99 it will cost to download this brilliant app!

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • Three reading modes: Read to me, Read by myself, and Auto-turn pages
  • Lively, interactive animation that responds to touch
  • Word highlighting for early readers
  • Professional narration, original music, and sound effects
  • A memory card game featuring characters from the book
  • An auditory memory game featuring characters from the book
  • The option to add the child's name on the bedroom wall