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Intro to United States, by Montessorium

Age Level: Ages 5-8
By Developer: Montessorium, LLC

I can't say enough good things about this app. I am thirty years old and ashamed to say I've never learned geography very well. I'm one of those American citizens who is shamed by foreign travelers who know all about our states and their relative locations.

This great Montessori app brings to the table a very unique and very effective, method of teaching American geography - in a way that will stay with your child forever.

I played this app for a good while and learned and drilled in more knowledge about geography than I've had my entire life. It was a very effective, and very fast learning experience – but an education I know I won't soon forget!

The app drills students on American geography via a very nice learning curve. First, it identifies the shapes of a select few states: turning the USA into a giant puzzle and placing specific states, all the while associating those shapes with names. Then it's on to identifying the states by the shapes themselves, and then identifying them on the map with other states.

It goes further to teach the animal unique or prominent to each state for association.

The app can be adjusted to do 3, 6, 9 or 12 states at a time. Each bundle of states is taught in a special sequence, until finally your student can identify and knows all 50 states and their relative map locations.

An amazing app that will provide your child an education that is basically missing in this day and age, but so sorely needed.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.


  • Names of states Shapes, names and places
  • Full map challenge
  • Animals from each state, and matching them

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