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$2.99 at time of review
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IQ Safari MATH

By Developer: Mabozo AB

IQ Safari MATH is as seriously fun and excellent learning game. It is perfect for kids from preschool to 3rd grade. The app covers addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, including such things as greater/lesser, number-lines, place value, rounding and more. The app provides for multiple players. Create a profile for each, with their name, gender, different hair types, color and skin tone. Perfect for multiple family members and school classes. There is a tremendous amount provided in this free version!

The app covers math skills via a variety of different options: practice, lessons, tests and games.

In the Lessons mode, problems increase with the level of the player. There are a total of 9 different levels, with several lessons in each. Answers are chosen via multiple choice. New lessons unlock as the player progresses. The player is given the option to go to the next lesson, or play a lesson again, giving one a chance to achieve proficiency.

The Practice mode takes a bit of each type of math covered, having you practice the skills learned. It's a good test in the ability to switch from one type of problem to another.

The Test mode allows the player to choose the level of difficulty they would like to practice. Tests are timed and include a variety of different math problems.

The Game mode has a combination of three different games: Treasure Hunting, Bubble Popping and Memory Cards. Each include a timer and fun matching type math game.

During each game, one can earn up to thirty different achievements for work well done. In addition, while playing the Lessons and Practice options, correct answers helps one build different puzzles. Ones achievements can easily be viewed by tapping on their avatar on the homepage.

Love it! I also love the African type music with animal sounds!

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Download the full version for $2.99.


  • Multi user for families and school classes
  • Challenging operations through nine exiting chapters
  • Card collecting for engaging and long lasting game play
  • Customizable avatar with unlockable elements
  • Relaxing mini games (Memory cards, Treasure Hunting, Bubble pop)
  • Testing your skills against time and other players
  • Drawing Board and Help tips for each lesson
  • Statistics and progress
  • 6 languages: English, Swedish, German, Spanish, French and Hungarian
  • Admin Mode for parents and teachers where you can view each individual student's achievement and lock and unlock lessons and chapters for each student

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