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iTranslate Voice - translator & dictionary

Age Level: Ages: 12 +
By Developer: iTranslate

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iTranslate Voice is a very welcome upgrade to its predecessor. It is chock-full of awesome new features that further solidify its place in the app world as THE go-to language translation application for mobile iOS.

This version has the same unique user interface and simple functioning as the original. You can quickly choose the language you are speaking and set the translate-to-language beside it. Speaking to your device instantly translates into the selected language - with 42 possible languages to choose from.

A new feature, for this new release, is "off-line voices". In the settings of your iPhone or iPad you can select which languages you translate into often, or foresee that you will need in the future. When you are out of the country, or out of internet reception range, the device can still translate instantly into these languages, as they are built into the app itself. So no more waiting for weak internet reception for the app to think. Instantly translate at any time, and anywhere.

Another amazing feature is "peer-to-peer translation". The iTranslate Voice app can sync itself up with other nearby devices that are also running the application. Simply set the language for each device and speak into your phone. The translation will take place on the other person's device. Full communication is instantly capable between two people speaking totally different languages and communicating using iTranslate.

This app really "wows" and is great for anyone learning a new language, seeking to teach a new language to others, or for any number of reasons where translation is needed.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • Instantly speak over 40 languages
  • No typing needed. The accuracy of our voice recognition is so amazing that you don't need your keyboard anymore
  • Look up definitions and translations for common words & phrases, just using your voice
  • Use AirTranslate to connect devices together and easily engage in conversation with other people
  • Simply send translations via Email, SMS, Twitter or Facebook

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