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Itsy Bitsy Spider HD - by Duck Duck Moose

Age Level: Ages 0–5, Ages 5-8
By Developer: Duck Duck Moose, Inc.

2010 Parents' Choice Gold Award winner
Editor's Choice Award for Excellence in Design - Children's Technology Review

Duck Duck Moose has made the endearing Itsy Bitsy Spider song into a delightfully interactive app. When I say interactive, I mean non-stop, finger tapping fun!. The song plays in a loop, which can easily be turned off in the settings.

Unlike most spiders, which are pretty darn creepy, your child won't hesitate to play with this one. Ms. Spiders sidekick Cloe, is an extremely informative fly. She does a great job in educating your child on many interesting facts regarding nature and the environment. The user will learn such things as: how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, what the sun is and what the diet of a banana slug is. I definitely didn't know that last one. There is even a counting game with a nut gathering squirrel.

Along with the educational aspect of the app there are tons of different activities and games and interactive object on the screen. All-and-all, this is a GREAT educational app book! We can't say enough about the Duck Duck Moose apps.

Compatible with iPad.


  • Great sound and graphics
  • Cast of characters includes the spider (obviously), a snail, a banana slug, a mouse, a crab, a frog, a fly, two girls, a squirrel, a frog, a caterpillar and the sun!
  • Play peek-a-boo with the frog
  • Each time your child goes through the song, there are new things to explore
  • The fly follows the spider throughout the song and when tapped provides many great facts about some of the characters on the screen.

Video Review