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Kids Card Matching Educational Shapes and Color Learning Game for Toddlers

Age Level: Ages 0–5
By Developer: Eggroll Games LLC

This matching app sports a lot of bang for your buck for children of Preschool level.

The app provides two main categories of game-play; colors & shapes. Each of these is broken down into 3 games: directly matching the color or shape, matching a picture that goes with the color/shape, or matching picture cards that have the same color/shape but show different pictures within them.

In all of the above 3 categories you have a choice of playing a memory game where you have cards that flip over and you need to find the pairs. Or, you can play a game where the user chooses two items that have similar color/shape (depending on the game). What this equates to is 6 games for each of the main categories – colors, or shapes.

After a few of the selected games have been played, the player gets to pop balloons that are rising up to the top of the screen. See how many you can tap before they are off the screen. At the end of this, one is given a very nice, “You're doing great!” acknowledgement.

During the games, the app announces all the colors, pictures, shapes, etc. This can be turned off in settings, as well as the music and sounds that are part of each game.

All-in-all a great learning app with thinking & reasoning skills, all the while learning those colors & shapes!

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • Fun learning game
  • Peek button provides optional hints
  • Rewards with balloon popping and positive feedback
  • "Show Me" game keeps cards face up for easier play
  • Items and instructions are professionally narrated
  • Parental controls for sound, music and links
  • We do not collect personal information from our users

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