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Kids' Vocab - MindSnacks

Age Level: Ages 5-8, Ages 8-12
By Developer: MindSnacks

I am a big fan of MindSnacks and this app made me even a bigger fan. This app is simply brilliant. It is the most fun, engaging and entertaining vocabulary app for children I have run across. The design and user interface are beautiful and so are the illustrations.

The app is extremely straight forward. You simply select a scientific subject you are interested in. At this point, you are provided with vocabulary for that subject, including pronunciation, definition, sentences and a picture.
Once done reviewing, an extremely addicting and fun game is played, which drills in the words you learned.
The app has options to build a profile, unlock achievements, send a training reminder and even a word of the day option. An expanded version available for in-app purchase has 25 additional lessons and eight more games including one game that teaches proper usage of the vocabulary words.

I can't think of a better app to improve and learn vocabulary. I'd like to see this exact same method applied to every word in the dictionary.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 7.1 or later.


  • Amazing illustrations
  • Extremely fun and engaging
  • Awesome in every way
  • Too much to delineate here so you might as well download the free version and check it out yourself!

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