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Language Central for Science Life Science Edition

Age Level: Ages: 12 +
By Developer: Pearson Education, Inc.

Language Central for Science is a perfect app to hone in science vocabulary and understanding, encompassing grades 6-8. It has a smooth and simple interface, is beautifully designed, and a very effective way to practice and learn.

The app covers 4 areas of Life Science: Ecology and the Environment, Cells and Heredity, The Diversity of Life and Healthy Body Systems. Each of these has three different learning modes:

Flash Cards: Test your knowledge with between 21-36 flashcards (depending on the Life Science). A vocabulary word is presented, which can be easily flipped over with a swipe, defining the term. An audio option allows you to hear both the term as well as the definition.

Vocabulary Trivia: Once you have reviewed the flashcards, Vocabulary Trivia gives you a question with the option of four different answers. Choose the correct answer and it is highlighted in green. An incorrect answer highlights in red. There are 10 questions in all.

Word Fly: This tests your memory of a term based on the definition given. Dashes at the bottom of the screen show the amount of letters in the term being asked for. To answer the question, tap on letters that are “bopping” around like tasty bugs. If you have a correct letter, a chameleon will zip out his tongue and gobble it up, allowing it to show up on the dash(s) below, and satisfying the chameleon's appetite. Choose three letters incorrectly and you loose. The app will then show you the correct term.

I have to say that I had a lot of fun playing with this app. It gave a scrub and a rub to my science literacy, all the while keeping me interested and “in the game”. Definitely worth the effort to download this amazing and free app!


  • Appropriate for grades 6-8 and then some
  • Fun background sounds of twittering birds and buzzing insects
  • Vocabulary terms and definitions for the Life Sciences
  • Increase literacy
  • Learn while having fun
  • 3 different learning modes
  • FREE!

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