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LanguageBuilder for iPad

LanguageBuilder is a wonderful tool to help learn the English language. Created by a father for his high functioning autistic daughter, it uses real life pictures as a jumping point for creating sentences. The point of the game is to record a sentence that goes with the picture you see, which allows you get to hear your voice played back to you.

The app includes three levels, each having its own type of hint to go along with the picture. In level one you have a fill in the blank sentence. In level two, you're given the main subject of a sentence and you create the rest of it. For example, if the photo is of a kangaroo jumping in a field, the prompt could be, "The kangaroo..." The third and final level option tells you out loud which words to use. Going with the kangaroo example, it might say, "Use the words kangaroo and field and you create something using those words." This is a great approach, as it pulls together visual, audio and written information to help teach language. Plus, the pictures are all so bright, colorful and fun, they make you want to see what image you'll get next!

Definitely check this out as a fun and effective way to teach the English language.

Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPad.


  • 250 images to create sentences to
  • Voice recording and playback
  • 3 levels of hints (hint button optional)
  • Ability to save and email recordings
  • Work on language and grammar!

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