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Learn the States with Flat Stanley

Age Level: Ages 5-8, Ages 8-12
By Developer: Flatter World, Inc.

Voted Best Education App For Kids
Featured New and Noteworthy in iTunes.

This is a fun and effective tool in teaching United States geography to kids (and adults) alike. I say adults because I tried out the Northeast section of the nation and only got 2 out of the 11 states correct on my first shot, and it took me over 6 minutes to identify all the states. To my chagrin I discovered that Boston is actually North of New York... Yes, it's been a while! And, way back then, we didn't have Flat Stanley to help us out! Be that as it may, this app is incredibly educational and is really filling a large gap in my education.

The app features Flat Stanley, who asks you to send him to various states. You then have to use a sling shot to fly him to the correct location. If you miss, you get presented with the name of the state you sent him to as well as the location of the state you were looking for. A direct hit gets you some praise and a little lesson on how to spell the name of the state,. Tapping on any of the states will tell you the name of the state, its capital, state bird and other educational information regarding it and its location.

I think this is a very fun game, which is sure to get some seriously memorable geography accomplished.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.


  • Learn US states and capitals
  • Learn spelling of all 50 states
  • Learn all regions of the USA

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