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Age Level: Ages 0–5, Ages 5-8

It is a great pleasure to introduce readers to the new app, Locomotive. Locomotive is a storybook app with interactive elements based on the celebrated 1938 children’s poem of the same name by Polish poet Julian Tuwim.

Locomotive was one of a few apps I downloaded at the same time to take a look at. I must say that by first glance I knew I had discovered something special. The illustrations included within this application are simply marvelous: rich with color and lush with shading, as well as the use of subtle shadowing to create an almost 3D effect to create a highly polished, stylized look.

Locomotive uses these images to vividly describe, as one may assume, a locomotive that also pulls many train cars that carry a variety of whimsical cargo and other fantastical details. I love how these drawings add their own quirky charm to this poem, fully realizing the words without ever being so on-the-nose that it becomes cloying.

I also greatly appreciate all the visual information that children can dwell on in the inner workings of the locomotive, which can be seen both from the outside perspective of watching the coal shoveled into the engine to the closer point-of-view of being able to gaze at a plethora of dials and levers within this engine – complete with an interactive moment where one can add coal to the fire burning, as well as the ability to view the contents of many train cars such as a crowd of people or animals like horses and cows. There are also some unique details such as a car full of bananas, grand pianos, or cannons. Halfway through first testing this app I was impressed by how really well-written it is, pausing to look at the notes associated with the app to be reminded that it is based on a well-known poem that I was not familiar with.


  • Narration of poem
  • Interactive book
  • Visually stunning
  • Screen Shots