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Free at time of review

Mars Globe

By Developer: Midnight Martian

Mars Globe gives you a guided tour of “The Red Planet”. The tour takes you to different areas on Mars and gives you information about it - over 1500 in all. Below this, there are links for more information. At any time you can exit out and do your own exploring. Just spin the planet with a simple swipe and tap on any of the labeled areas.

There are a variety of options for view, allowing either a natural view of the planet, or a false-color height view. In addition you can use a time mode where the moon is illuminated according to the display date and time, or the slider at the top of the screen, to change the solar illuminate angle. Zoom in and out with a pinch of your fingers.

In the settings, access more information, such as:

About Mars Globe – this has more information about the app, as well as links to different pages on the Web.

Terrain Features – Tap on this and you will see a view of some of the key feature locations as well as the source of their name. Any of these can be tapped on and you will be brought back to it's location on the globe with additional information as above.

Albedo Features – These are large areas which show up due to the contrast of light/dark areas that are more easily seen from a greater distance. Due to this, these were the first features early astronomers were able to view.

People – Tap on this and you will see names of astronomers and other people that have been accredited a name on Mars. I even found a location named after Stanley G. Weinbaum, the American science fiction author that wrote “A Martian Odyssey”. The list starts as far back as 400 BC. There is a brief statement shown, which when tapped, will bring you to the location on Mars that is named after them. Once again, there are links, etc. provided for more information.

I was impressed with just how much is in this free app. Midnight Martian offers a paid version as well for $0.99 with slightly higher resolution and rendering.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • Virtual globe
  • Adjust the lighting for a different viewpoint
  • Over 1500 surface features
  • High-resolution satellite map
  • Laser altimeter data and advanced topographic lighting
  • Guided tour of some of Mars' most intriguing features

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