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Martha Speaks Word Spinner

Age Level: Ages 5-8
By Developer: PBS Kids

Martha Speaks is set up like that old fashion board game that you very likely grew up with. At least I did. Spin a wheel, see what number you land on, move forward and play. But in this version your child will play games that teach vocabulary. And, they will hardly know they are learning.

The game allows for up to four players. Each game is timed. As players spin the wheel, they are given the specific game that they land on to play and advance on the board the number that is shown on the wheel. They are given a dog bone, with the word just covered on it, as a reward for winning. The object is to get to the dog house!

At the end of the game all the words that have been covered are shown and as you tap on them you are given the definition. Many of the games define words learned, such as Name 5 Things.

The games to be played are:

Bucket Ball - The player is instructed to pull back on the netted ball and sling it into the correct basket. Instructions are given beforehand. You might be given a category such as beverages and need to sling your ball into the rotating buckets with beverages in them.

Name Five Things - In this game you have 5 balloons and are asked to pop them as you name five things in the category given.

Story Sounds – This game allows the player to continue a story given, while incorporating fun sound affects into their story. The sound affects are shown as tap-able buttons.

Stuff Sort – The player is given a specific category such as “precipitation”. They then are to pull specific pictures from a pile into a container that would fit with this word, such as raindrops, umbrella, etc.

Word Connector – This game has two columns of items that they need to match together. This is done by dragging an item over to it's “partner”.

Who Am I? - When there are multiple players this is an option. A player is given an occupation. The other players need to guess what the occupation is.

Martha Speaks Word Spinner is a fun iPad learning game that will keep kids busy and learning for hours!

Compatible with iPad. Created for children 6-8.


  • Fun educational vocabulary leaning game
  • Play with up to 4 players
  • Spin the wheel and play the chosen game. Advance on the board for the number shown.

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