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Match Blitz

By Developer: Shiny Things

If you are looking for a fun and competitive matching game, Shiny Things has the app for you.

Math Blitz is a perfect app for developing “quick think” skills. Test your memory, concentration and visual perception by spotting the repeated images as fast as you can and tapping on them. The app allows you to play by yourself or with up to 4 players, which adds additional fun and excitement – not to mention high volumes of screaming and carrying on.

During the game play, whether you are playing on your own in the “practice” mode, or against other opponents, the game keeps score. Correct answers give the player points and incorrect answers take them away. The game is played until 10 points are achieved.

Each game begins with simple choices and progresses with increased level of difficulty as ones proficiency of the game increases. I have to say that I did have to really “look”, as I advanced through the game. I definitely was kept on my toes.

This app is perfect for kids 4 and over. Yep, us big kids can enjoy it just as much. I know I did!

Compatible with iPad.


  • Develops mental processing skills
  • Increases proficiency in writing skills as well as other academic tasks
  • And, have fun while doing it!

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