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Match It Up 2

Age Level: Ages 0–5
By Developer: MyFirstApp Ltd.

Match it up 2 is designed for children 2 and older. Your child will enjoy the colorful, fun games, while developing visual skills as well the skill of identifying similarities and differences. In the center of each screen, a specific image is featured. This image, is surrounded by several other images. The child drags one of the surrounding images towards the featured image and creates a pair. As he continues, there are less and less surrounding images. Once all images are paired up, the child receives a big applause. He can, at this point, either go to another screen, or play the same game again.

While Match it up 1 deals with identical images and is designed for children 1.5+ Match it up 2 comes up a level, in that the child is matching visually related items. Match it up 3 is for children 2.5+ and is a matching game of conceptually related items.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
The full version can be downloaded with a $2.99 in-app purchase.

Video Review