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Math Equations

Age Level: Ages: 12 +
By Developer: Mathtoons

Another great Mathtoons app for high school and college math adventurers makes solving equations and inequalities feel like PLAY! This app is perfect for studying up on SATs, ACTs, GCSEs and RESPECTs! (That last one was a joke)

Algebra drills are turned into a game in this great quiz-based app. Travel through step-by-step learning levels that show the basics and fundamentals of algebraic equations, and gradually builds your knowledge and skill to unstoppable levels.

For those who know this subject well, it's a great brush-up and you will find yourself very quickly getting back into the hang of things and improving your skill.

For beginners, it works on a very easy learning curve so that anyone can succeed.

Of course the app is packed with fun and interesting tidbits and the same great sense of humor that makes Mathtoons one of our favorite developers.

Give it a shot!

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.


  • Learning equation solving and inequalities through a series of quizzes, ranging from beginner to advanced
  • Become an unstoppable force of algebraic genius
  • An algebra practice GAME that makes solving equations feel like PLAY!!!
  • learn all the basics of equations, algebra, pre-calculus and quick tricks to make you a MATH ZEN MASTER!!!
  • practicing your skills at factoring, solving, graphing, and more and ACE your tests for the SAT, ACT, GCSE and other college entry tests!!!

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