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Math Exponents

Age Level: Ages: 12 +
By Developer: Mathtoons

Mathtoons has helped many a student ailing from “I hate math”-itosis. Let it takes your fears of the unknown and soothe them using its unique, simple and fun teaching methods.

Exponents (you know, those little tiny numbers next to the big number that mean to multiply the number by itself over and over and over again – example: 23) and radicals (the little number in the square-root symbol that makes people go ?????? - example: ) are really tough to learn. They're like “I'm going to try and chow on this undercooked piece of chicken fat” tough.

Well, these are honestly math areas that a few minutes a day with Mathtoons Exponents can't handle. I'm actually floored by the simplicity and how fast I was able to learn these operations just by running through the practice quizzes and getting a few wrong answers.

Now if someone who was actually involved in learning these was also running through these quizzes, I'm sure they'd wind up laser precise on these subjects in no time.

Another great app from an excellent learning source.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.


  • Math quizzes covering exponents and radicals
  • Several different levels of difficulty
  • Learn as you go learning process
  • High school, college and university level math and algebra skills using a game
  • Gets you *ready* for math courses, SAT, ACT, GCSE or any algebra, calculus or math course

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