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Math Logarithms

Age Level: Ages: 12 +
By Developer: Mathtoons

Having difficulty explaining to your teen or student what a logarithm is and how to write them out? Sure you are. You probably don't know how to do it yourself. This is okay. You are not alone. There are many amazing people out there who never learned how to do logarithms. Just saying the word is enough to make grown men curl into the fetal position.

Mathtoons has solved everything!!!!!!

This was quite factually the one area of math I was never able to wrap my head around. This app takes about five minutes, start to finish, and makes logarithms the simplest thing you've ever had to learn, or explain. It's free. There's no discussing this. Just get the app and rid yourself of the vertigo-like sensation that's plagued you your whole life when asked, “Mommy – what's a logarithm?”

P.S. The “cartoon violence” in the app is a tree stump chasing an obnoxious lumberjack around with a chainsaw. It's quite humorous.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.


  • Learn logarithms in five easy minutes
  • How to understand logarithms
  • How to solve logarithm equations
  • Fast calculations involving logs
  • Necessary skills for college calculus

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