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Monster Music Pro

By Developer: BubbaMonkey Studios

Monster Music Pro is a mini Digital Audio Workshop for kids. It features several cute monster characters, each with a specific musical sound. These characters can be arranged on a music track to compose musical works of art. The app allows you to build layers upon layers of sound onto one mix. Someone could get really professional at this and make some awesome stuff. Plus it's really easy to use - ALL drag and drop!

The monsters sound range is from classical symphonic monsters, to electronica monsters. There is a recording monster that lets you record your own sounds into the app, which can then be used as tracks on your masterpiece. The pitch of each sound varies depending on how high or low you place the monster on the music track.

Like all digital audio workshops, you can control the relative volume of each track you lay down. This app is very simple to use and has tons of potential. I can see kids getting really into this.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • Monster based Digital Audio Workshop
  • Control relative volumes
  • Make unlimited amounts of layers on each song
  • Record your own sounds

Video Review