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Monster's Socks

Age Level: Ages 0–5
By Developer: Martin Hughes

What does a little monster, a very adorable monster, do when he can't find his socks? With the help of your child, this task will be fulfilled.

Monster's Socks does not have super swanky auto play and word-by-word text highlighting during story play. What it does have is sentence highlighting and a simple guiding along of the monster's progress via a directional arrow, from disc to disc, where a new section of the story text is shown. Tap on the speaker to hear the story read. I actually liked that a child would be expected to take part in the story to this degree. And, I have to tell you, the artwork and digital display of motion are beautiful! I had a smile plastered on my face all the way through. And the monsters voice? Precious! It's adorable, charming and I loved every moment of it!

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • Cute story with great voice over and sound effects
  • Beautiful graphics including interactivity
  • Highlighted story sentences