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Montessori 1st Operations - addition & subtraction made simple

Age Level: Ages 5-8

The Montessori method of teaching math is a 100-year-old proven technique in teaching. Using the idea of teaching with manipulatives, which gives conceptual understanding vs. mere significance, EDOKI ACADEMY has created a gamelike experience for children to learn conceptually, as well as with symbols – such as numbers and operations.

The app introduces addition and subtraction, as well as concepts in halves & doubles and odd & even concepts – the latter two opening the door to concepts in multiplication and division.

Points are earned while playing the game, which show up as coins. These can be used to create your own monster. Once enough coins are earned, simply choose the items you want to purchase and drag your coins into a cash register. Your items are then taken on a conveyor belt to a page where you can build your monster. On this page you can do a variety of fun actions with your monster.


Choosing a game of interest, such as addition, you are brought to a page with three different choices: Tutorial, Monster+ and Bubble Game+. In Tutorial, the term is first defined. Good call – terms should be defined and quite often are not. You are then given instructional demonstration on using this first level, which has you add with number rods, as well as showing symbols and number representation. Helpful guides are present if needed. One can also touch the = symbol in order to be shown the answer.

Bubble Game+: This game shows an addition operation with a series of numbers moving around the screen below it. Simply drag and drop the correct number to the empty field. This is a timed game and like the others, can be played as much as desired.

Subtraction goes in the same wise as addition.

Halves and Doubles Tutorial: Once again begin with the definition of multiplication and division. In the first lesson, one simply splits beads into halves. Amounts and numbers can only be allowed to be split into two when even, giving a concept of odd and even numbers.

Bubble Game: has the player split moving numbers into their equal halves. Larger numbers can be split more than once. Odd numbers cannot be split. The game is timed, with points earned.

Smart Fingers: place fingers on either side of a board with a line drawn to halve it. A number will be shown on the line, such as six. In this game, the player would place three fingers on each side to correctly fulfill the requirement.

Odd & Even

Tutorial: After terms are defined, the player arrives at a page that shows numbers with beads under them. They are prompted to wiggle the device where upon the beads fall to the bottom of the screen. The player simply puts the beads under their correct number in the spots provided for. Doing so allows the player to visualize the difference between odd and even numbers.

Bubble Game: The player is prompted to feed odd or even numbers to the monster.

Settings allow you to choose the correct level of learning for your child. There are options to activating/deactivating the type of math to work on, as well as choosing the range of numbers, such as 0-10, 0-20, 0-50 and 0-99. You can also create personal profiles for more than one child. Language can be chosen as well. There is even a Parent Guide provided. Additionally, one can create an account for each child, allowing you to monitor their progress in real time. Want to play without sound? This is an option as well, although I have to say that the monsters make some pretty darn cute sounds!

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Created for children ages 6-8.


  • Play with Montessori materials: number rods and counters
  • Learn Math by using an interactive app with charming graphics!
  • Master addition and subtraction through a natural progression with numbers from 1 to 99
  • ! Get into multiplication and division using the concepts of double and half!
  • Launch the playbox, which contains lots of games!
  • Have fun with the “Monster lab”, creating your own monster!
  • Designed by teachers.
  • Safe for kids! Absolutely no third-party ads!

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