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Montessori Letter Sounds - Phonics in English, Spanish, French & Italian

Age Level: Ages 0–5

This application is a special take on the Montessori method of alphabet teaching and won the Parents' Choice Gold Award in 2012. This learning application is for children below reading age who are learning the alphabet. The application walks the child through the alphabet and gives the phonetic sound of each letter (as opposed to their proper names) and prompts the child to first trace, then draw the letter just learned.

An "I spy" game gives the child the use of each alphabet letter by presenting an object. They are then prompted to say the name of the object into a recording device. Two games combine into a mix and matched learning experience, once the student has become proficient at each. A tool box exists for the child to see a phonetic alphabet, keep notes, draw in the sand and see images related to letters and vocabulary.

Included is the option to learn letters in a foreign language. Choose from English, Spanish, French, German, or Italian.

The company that made this application was founded by Montessori teachers. This application provides the student with the benefits of the Montessori teaching method, which compares to a private Montessori lesson for your child.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • Phonetic alphabet
  • Trace and draw letters
  • Record pronunciation
  • Vocabulary
  • Learning games

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