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$2.99 at time of review

Montessori Nature

Age Level: Ages 5-8

Developed to cultivate and reinforce your child's natural curiosity. Montessori Nature is an app that introduces concepts of gardening and the responsibilities involved. From preparing an area for planting, all the way to using your well earned money to acquire new items for your garden. The app has beautiful graphics with realistic and inviting audio.

It's not just cultivating a garden patch, but increasing the amount of crops you have and dealing with things like rodents and ravens. Are your crops in need of watering? Pick up the watering can and give the plants a drink but if the clouds come in, you can keep busy with other tasks for the time being. Done with watering? Time to pick up the hoe and clear out the weeds. Ready to expand your yield? There is lots of space to plant more crops. There are several tools to help your child handle all the aspect one would encounter in gardening. Tapping on each garden lets one know what each crop is in need of. The game has almost endless expansion opportunities.

When I first started the app the actions were very simple. As I continued to expand my garden and deal with the constant chores, as well as pests, I had to stay on my toes. As I played, I could really see how all the actions were teaching me some key concepts in not only gardening, but responsibility, organization, economics and critical thinking skills. Brilliant app!

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Made for Ages 6–8.


  • 100% customizable for endless hours of play
  • 100% educational: learn about plants life cycles and needs
  • 100% safe for parents: sell the fruits of your labor to earn nature coins
  • Watch the bees pollinate the flowers to make honey
  • Observe the difference in seasons
  • Protect your plants from pesky pests like rodents and ravens
  • Manage natural resources to nurture a lush garden
  • 100% motivating: expand and modernize your yard with watering robots, weather frogs, lamps, and more from the catalog
  • 100% collaborative: work on your garden with up to 40 peers in real time
  • Nature coins = digital currency earned and redeemed in the app
  • Specially designed for use in schools