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More 4 Monkey: Pre-K Number Foundation

Age Level: Ages 0–5
By Developer: Cognitive ToyBox, Inc.

This free app allows early learners, or those needing a boost, to improve general concepts in math and addition – without using numbers. This is all done with 4 simple games. The developers profess that children ages 4 and 5 displayed better test results in counting, addition, number identification and intuition of quantities.

The app opens to a page allowing you to either start playing, or watch a tutorial. On this page, parents and teachers can also set up a profile(s). This also allows you to track each students progress.

The tutorial provides enough play for the child to get an idea of how the games works. Choosing “Play”, one is taken to a map with different games. These are limited in the free version, but will give the player a good feel for how the app works. To open all games there is an in-app purchase.

Using two groups of objects, the player is requested to tap which has a greater or lesser quantity. This concept is used throughout all the games. Larger quantities are added as one moves through the games. The app provides a lot of positive reinforcement, encouraging children along. An in-app purchase of $5.99 provides the full-version.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • Help your child get a head start
  • Science-backed game!
  • Intuitive sense of quantity, or “number sense.”
  • Try before you buy

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