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Moxie Classic

Moxie is a word game that challenges you to create words, which in turn accrue you points.

The player is given 3 rows with 5 boxes to add in letters which make words. At the top of the screen, a letter appears in which you have the choice of placing into the boxes. You can either choose it or pass, which gives you another choice.

The idea is to make as many words as you can by forming new words with the ones you already have created. It can be as simple as adding a letter “s”, making a plural, or adding a new consonant or verb to make a new one. As in Scrabble, the letters have different point values. In addition, writing longer words give you a nice increase in points.

Before each game begins, the player chooses a category; either animal, vegetable or mineral. Each of these categories has a list of “Moxie Words” that give you big points. For example, if you picked "vegetable" as a category, spelling a word such as “kelp” will give you bonus points. Should you spell a word that is incorrect, you will hear the word “Twaddle” and see it on the screen, showing you the 30 points that were just deducted from you score. I definitely found some words that I had no idea existed while playing this addicting game.

The idea is to create as many words as you can, accruing you points. If you have enough points you will be shown on a list of players that have achieved high scores. You can also view scores all-time high scores and where you sit within that zone.

Tips from the reviewer? Simply put your thinking cap on and let the game begin!

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • HD graphics support for iPad and Retina displays
  • Pick up right where you left off
  • Global leader board
  • Short tutorial video (no internet required)
  • Ergonomic design
  • Relaxing and refreshing gameplay
  • Wholesome

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