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MultiFlow: Times Tables Reimagined

Age Level: Ages 8-12
By Developer: Connor Duggan

MultiFlow is one heck of a multiplication training app! I mean - WOW! It is beautifully designed with an unmatched user interface. It's just super clean, with smooth animations and looks great.

MultiFlow features multiple different methods of practicing multiplication tables in fast-paced games that will strengthen any student's ability to do quick math.

The app will track progress of several different users. Each user's profile can be set to specific levels of difficulty and can be set to customize the specific numbers being practiced with multiplication. The app also tracks your achievements in the Game Center for iOS and easily allows sharing of accomplishments on social media (Facebook and Twitter).

I highly recommend this download for teaching and training multiplication.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.


  • Say Goodbye to Flash cards!
  • Smooth and intuitive user interface
  • Multiple training methods
  • Highly customizable for multiple users

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