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MusiClock – Scale trainer and improvisation practice tool for piano and guitar with scale charts and jam backing tracks

Age Level: Ages 5-8, Ages 8-12
By Developer: perTunes Oy

Featured by Apple in "Best New Apps"
#1 Paid Music App in 5 countries

This is one of those few apps that I download onto my own personal device for my own personal use. I LOVE this app and I can't tell you enough just how fun it is to play with.

First off, anyone who ever picked up the guitar wanted to “shred” and learn how to do awesome solos. Piano players (especially jazz pianists) practice endlessly to be able to jam. This app, if it “teaches” one thing, teaches you how to jam.

I put “teaches” in quotes because it doesn't really have a lesson plan. The app is very, very simple. It allows you to choose from any scale imaginable and then shows you where the notes of that scale reside across a piano keyboard, or all up and down a guitar neck. The app then provides a ton of “backing tracks”. You simply choose the scale you want to learn or practice, choose a backing track, and you're away.

The app plays the song and gives you a selection of piano keyboard or guitar neck positions. Choose a position, grab your instrument, and just start playing to the backing track. In mere seconds you are improving and doing your own solos.

This app is pure genius, and in my 20 years of playing music I have never seen anything like it. This is the most intuitive way to not only teach someone scales, but also how to build confidence as a solo musician. It doesn't even feel like practice. It's just fun. I would've gladly paid three times as much as this app costs.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.


  • Always hit the right note with easy to read and follow finger position charts
  • Easy-to-read charts for every fret, for every key and scale
  • Practice with professional backing tracks
  • Learn to jam and improvise

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