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Mystery Math Museum

By Developer: Artgig Studio

Mystery Math Museum is just another “hit it right out of the park!” educational app by Artgig Studio! Created as a sequel to Mystery Math Town, you will want to have both of these apps on your iOS device!

In this app, the player is taken to a museum, where numbers are collected for use in unlocking doors by answering math equations. Behind some of these doors you will find a bottle with a dragonfly inside. Upon rescuing all the dragonflies your next museum is unlocked.

As the game progresses, each consecutive museum has more dragonflies that need be rescued. This sounds extremely simple, but during game play one finds that there are collected numbers which will not solve the presented math equation. This means that you need to go back and find numbers that you were not able to fit into your cache (as there are a limited amount that can be saved at a time) and get rid of some of the numbers you have and collect new ones! Or, go to a different door, which you can open with what you have. I found myself saying, “Oh no! An equation I cannot solve – I need a 4. Ok, just where did I see a 4 that I didn't collect before? Hmmm, let me go back and see.” Since each museum consists of more than one floor and several rooms on a lineal basis, you do need to stay clued in.

As you meander around the different museums, you can collect portraits that talk when tapped on. Once you interact with them they will be found hanging in your very own gallery. Many of the items on each page have fun “tappable” sounds, not to mention the fun sounds of each door opening and closing.

I love how you can choose from several different levels of difficulty and type of math to practice, which can be customized for multiple users. This allows for a whole lot of fun and engaging gameplay! Just a brilliant app!

Compatible with iPad. For kids ages 6-12 and up.


Customizable math skills for each player:
  • Addition: 0 through 10, 11 through 20, 21 through 50
  • Subtraction: 0 through 10, 11 through 20, 21 through 50
  • Multiplication: x1, x2, x5, x10 and/or x1 through x10
  • Division: ÷2, ÷5, ÷10 and/or ÷2 through ÷10
  • Each player can customize various math skills to suit their age and ability Multiple user accounts - create your own avatar 8 themed museums
  • Players develop math thought by building equations, not just tapping answers
  • Bonus challenges for extended gameplay
  • Unique rewards reveal characters and backstory
  • Requires strategy and critical thinking

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