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Next - Numbers

Age Level: Ages: 12 +
By Developer: Vita Technology Inc.

Next - Numbers is a heart pumping mind game of incredible excitement. The object of the game is to simply count numbers in sequence until all numbers on the screen have been touched, and to do this as fast as you possibly can. The two distinct games are "Blitz", where you have 60 seconds to locate as many numbers as possible, and "Zen" which times how long it takes you to locate every number in sequence.

The numbers are sectioned off in various geometric shapes throughout the screen. Additional points are awarded for tapping several correct numbers in order (called a combo). Three buttons at the bottom of the screen offer different types of assistance to help locate the numbers needed or extend the game.

This is not, however, a math game or a learn to count game. It is meant to improve reaction time, hone attention and exercise memory. The game, simple as it is, can be solved using any number of individual strategies. And developing your own strategy to win is very much part of the learning experience inherent in the game.

Personal stats are built into the app so that users can track their progress in terms of concentration, reaction time and visual memory. A few minutes a day is said to go a long way in improving these skills.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.


  • Easy to play number game
  • Improve visual memory, reaction time and concentration

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