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NoteWorks - music theory, note reading, educational, musical sight reading, fun game

By Developer: Azati Corporation

If you are looking to hone in those note reading skills, this is the app for you.

NoteWorks Free, let's you practice reading notes in treble clef. With this paid version, you additionally receive bass clef, grand staff, tenor clef and alto clef. Since multiple players can have their own personal profile, each student can work on which ever level they desire.

The player can earn points by hitting the correct note on their device, as they move across the screen on the bars being displayed. As correct notes are chosen, they drop into the mouth of Hungry Munchy, keeping him well fed and happy. Each player has the choice of 3 levels of speed. The novice can begin with the notes being highlighted on the bars (hints), as needed.

In either of these modes, if a note is incorrectly chosen, or not chosen before it gets to the end of the line, it is burned out by an inferno on wheels. The burned out notes are saved by the game, allowing the player to practice them until they have them down pat, and Hungry Munchy gobbles them up.

Note reading options are:
On-screen piano keyboard input
A, B, C note naming
Do, Re, Mi note naming
Treble clef, bass clef, grand staff, tenor clef and alto clef

This app is perfect for music teachers, as well as anyone just wanting to get their note reading ability down pat, in a game-like experience.

Compatible with iPad.


  • Learn note reading in a fun game-like experience
  • Play without hints, to aquire points, or with hints if a beginner
  • Choose level of difficulty
  • Perfect for teachers, or musicians at any level
  • Allows for multiple players

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