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Number Games Match Game Free Games for Kids Math

Age Level: Ages 0–5
By Developer: Eggroll Games LLC

Number Games Match Game is a game that has a multitude of matching type games that teach kids counting and number identification skills. The games are composed of colorful and clean graphics, clear and professional narration, upbeat music and ONLY positive feedback.

The games are in two main categories: Numbers and Pictures. In Numbers there are three main subcategories to choose from: Groups, Numbers & Groups and Numbers. Each comes with a choice of playing with quantities of 1-3, 1-5 and 1-10. From here you choose either to flip over cards and match, or simply are shown items with numbers to match, match same amounts, etc. All the games end with a mini game where the player pops as many balloons as they can before they fly off the top of the screen.

Most of the Numbers games are free. The balance of the Numbers games and all the Pictures games are available with an in-app purchase. I personally really like the “try before you buy” approach – saving a customer money if the app doesn't meet their expectations. Settings allows for music, sound effects, promo buttons and in-app purchases to be toggled on and off.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


• Match numbers to numbers
• Match numbers to the group with the same number of items
• Hear the numbers as you touch them
• Discover new numbers, designs and layouts as you play

• Count items and match them to their number
• Match picture cards with the same number of items
• Pop balloons and hear them count
• "Show Me" option keeps cards face up for easier play

• Items, numbers and instructions are professionally narrated
• Hints and options allow you to customize difficulty
• Players are rewarded with balloon popping and positive encouragement
• Traditional memory match and color match available for purchase
• Parental controls: Turn off sounds, music, purchases and links to our other apps
• We do not collect personal information from our users.

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