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Park Math - by Duck Duck Moose

Age Level: Ages 0–5, Ages 5-8
By Developer: Duck Duck Moose, Inc.

This great app covers the basics of math for your child. Like all of Duck Duck Moose apps, it has a gradual learning curve, beautiful design and great sound-track. With this app your child can learn how to count, add, subtract, complete patterns, sort numbers and objects and get the concept of greater than/lesser than. This is all done with a fun and game-like learning experience.

Perfect for the ages of 2-7; there are 3 levels of "difficulty", or shall I say "ease". Because there are so many features, Park Math can keep a child entertained for some time, all the while, learning new things!

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • Learn how to count
  • Learn how to do simple addition
  • Learn how to do simple subtraction
  • Learn how to sort items from smallest to largest, or lightest to darkest
  • Practice completing patterns
  • Learn to balance a simple equation

Video Review