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Philosophy Explained

Age Level: Ages: 12 +
By Developer: Krister Johnson

Philosophy Explained is a one-stop app that covers some of the greatest philosophers of all time. It offers detailed essays about their lives and core beliefs and access to a Wiki, which goes into further explanations of their lives and writings.

This app has several features that make studying any given philosopher a cinch. First is the wiki, explained above. There are links to full texts of their major writings (essays and books) which can be studied and bookmarked in the appf. It also allows you to define words by highlighting them and viewing the definitions in the app itself.

In addition to full works and wiki, the app has a section devoted to random quotes from these great philosophers. The quotes can be copied and pasted. They can also be marked as "favorite", so you can refer back to them whenever you please.

A final great feature of this app is the ability to search philosophical ideas, as opposed to specific thinkers. This allows the user to select a topic of philosophy and get an explanation of how a one of the great philosophers viewed that subject. This is a great reference app for anyone embarking upon a study of philosophy.

>Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.


  • Full works available from major philosophers
  • Search by idea
  • Philosophic quotes

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