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Phone for Kids – All In One Activity Center for Children HD

Age Level: Ages 0–5, Ages 5-8
By Developer: TabTale LTD

Rated as the "top education app" in the US, UK and most countries around the world, with 6,000,000 downloads to date!

This app is the largest collection of fun educational activities in a single app. The full range of possibilities with this application is actually too numerous to fit into this review. If your child is like most children, then he or she is extremely interested in all things technological and this includes your smart phone. But instead of handing your child your phone with full access to dial your phone book, send text messages and answer your e-mails for you (which might be devastating depending on the line of work you are in) you can hand him or her this application.

It's a full smart phone environment tailored specifically for children. It mimics the basic iPhone home screen. The applications within the application include: phone dialing, text messaging, ABCs, number games, animal quizzes, the four sessions, shapes, kids guitar, painting and so much more.

It is literally an endless environment for children with dozens upon dozens of activities in an iPhone setting. For the more educationally inclined parents, who want to supervise the activities of their children, with fun educational games such as colors, math calculator and numbers. By all means download this app for your child. But good luck getting your phone back!

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
In-app purchasing.


  • Two dozen games and activities
  • iPhone environment for children
  • HD graphics

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