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Phonic Blends

Age Level: Ages 5-8
By Developer: Innovative Mobile Apps

Phonics Blends includes 15 different games, with over 200 words that help kids practice phonics blends. The games reinforces letters L, S or R in words which include them in blends.

Build It: In this game the player is shown a picture and some letters. The idea is to drag and drop the letters in their correct order in order to spell that word that would go with the picture.

Find It: This is simply a word game where you find the word within rows of letters.

Pick It: In this game the player is shown a picture, such as a sloth. Below the picture is the incomplete word __oth. Below this are choices of blends to drag into place.

Read It: A word is shown with pictures below it. Simply choose the correct picture to go with the word by tapping on it.

Sort It: Here you drag a picture next to the correct blend. Such as a glass next to “gl”. When the pictures are tapped they sound out.

After each game the score is shown for that set. You can either continue on with that particular game or exit out and pick another.

The games are very customizable and allow for multiple users. Settings allows for such things as, audio hints on/off, minimum/maximum images shown, how many rounds in a game, highlighted letters, choice of words & pictures in the games, etc. Additionally you can have game results emailed.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • Huge collection of activities and phonics games for kids
  • Huge collection of practice words for l, r, and s blends
  • Gorgeous graphics and professionally recorded audios
  • Easy to differentiate and adjust settings for each user
  • Can select favorites and just focus on one set of blends at a time
  • Makes learning fun, simple, and easy

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