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Phonics Genius

By Developer: Innovative Mobile Apps

We here at App Treasure Hunter LOVE phonics and phonics-based applications. We believe phonics is the key to introducing children to using the English language and understanding its different parts and sounds.

This application in particular is like an encyclopedia of phonics. It has every combination of letters you can think of and several examples of words with their use, all conveniently and easily categorized for reference and use.

This app will teach any child the length and breadth of phonics by using actual practice. It has over 6000 words stored! The app uses three teaching methods and multiple unique quizzes and games. The speed of the app is customizable and so is the font size, color and the use of upper and lower case letters. If you get one phonics app, it's gotta be this one. It is all-inclusive, very straight forward and no holds barred. Plus it's free.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.


  • Over a hundred categories of phonetic sounds
  • Many examples of each
  • Highly customizable, with the ability to add new categories and example words
  • Mark the favorites and come back to them later
  • View them as categories or at random
  • Professional Recordings
  • Perfect for learning English

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