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Photomath - Camera Calculator

Age Level: All Ages
By Developer: PhotoPlay Ltd.

When it comes to math, there are those times when you start doing your homework and say, “What?” This app allows you to do a screen-shot of the typewritten text and gives you the steps to solve the problem. Of course, you would want to only use this as supplemental tool for learning. That goes without saying. Doing anything more would not accomplish increasing math literacy. This is also a PERFECT tool for parents to check their child's math! An added bonus, other than the fact that is free, is that the app keeps a history of prior problems solved, in case you wish to review these.

My suggestion, in any kind of learning activity - if you are having trouble understanding something, take the time to go back and find that earlier concept that was not fully grasped. Clear this up and proceed forward from that point. Going past a confusion takes the building blocks away, which lead one to failure.

This app currently does not decipher hand written text. Support for new math is constantly updated. If there is a math problem the app will not solve, the developers ask that you contact them and let them know.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • See the step-by-step solution for a typewritten math problem
  • Check your child's work
  • Look back in the apps history to review earlier problems solved
  • Support for more complex math like trigonometric equations, function derivation and integrals (currently without solving steps)
  • Languages: English, Chinese, Croatian, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish

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