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Age Level: All Ages
By Developer: MooCowMusic Ltd.

Pianist is an application that is consistently among the top 100 Music Apps on iTunes and has been featured in Apple iTunes commercials. The reason for this is that it features a full 88 key piano keyboard and the notes are sampled from a real piano. The sound quality of this application is unmatched with other similar apps.

The keyboard comes complete with soft and sustain buttons to add texture to your musical creations. A record button allows you to save your compositions and re-play them at any time. The full range of the keyboard is accessible at any time through several different settings. You can expand your keyboard to span two octaves. There is also a dual keyboard option which will give you four octaves of playing room. The other ranges of the keyboard are easily accessible with a simple touch.

The graphics of this application are simple but perfect. It looks like a real keyboard and the 3D keys depress upon your touch so you always know you are playing the right keys. So whether you're just looking to goof off, or are serious about expanding your keyboard familiarity, this application is a good buy.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • Full 88 key piano
  • Play a range of up to four octaves at once
  • Record your compositions
  • Metronome
  • Overdub capabilities so you can compose complicated pieces

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