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Age Level: Ages 8-12

Plants by KIDS DISCOVER has a bit of everything for our young learners. The app opens to a page of 11 different areas of educational discovery. Yes, the app does a beautiful job of giving the basics of how plants grow, but in addition, covers areas such as their medicinal qualities, use in fuel, biomes, their importance in a healthy planet and even plants in are and as an art!

One can go into any of the 11 areas of choice, or pan through them one after the other. Not only is the information covered interesting, it is surrounded by high-definition photos, videos and 3-D interactions. There are even activities for a child too, as well as a quiz that can be taken. Did you know that garlic's juice can be made into a glue? I definitely learned a thing or two.

Compatible with iPad. Made for ages 9-11.


  • Plants in Our Daily Lives
  • How Photosynthesis Works
  • Plants Around the World
  • Unusual Plants
  • Climate Change
  • Ways People Have Used Plants
  • Plants in Art; Plants as Art
  • Interactive 3-D models

  • High-definition video and audio

  • Hi-res photographs, cartoons, and animations

  • Easy-to-read, accessible writing

  • Quizzes, puzzles, and other fun games

  • Plus…optimized for the iPad Retina display

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