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Pocket Phonics Stories

Age Level: Ages 0–5, Ages 5-8
By Developer: Apps in My Pocket Ltd

Before you balk at the price, read on.

Created for children 4-7 years old, Pocket Phonics is an award winning app, which begins by introducing letter sounds and guides a child through 42 phonics based books.

The app is separated into 12 groups of letter sounds, slowly introducing each sound, then building into reading and spelling of simple words. A picture is provided to ensure understanding. Additionally, the writing of each letter is practiced via a guiding arrow for your child to follow. Simple books are then introduced, allowing the child to apply what was just learned. By the time the child has completed the last storybook, they will have been introduced to 72 letters, and letter sound combinations, such as “sh”.

Should a child be unfamiliar with a word in a story, simply tap on it and it will sound out. If more help is required, tap again and the word will sound out again and show a picture of it's meaning.

While reading each story, less common words are slowly introduced and highlighted in red.

The app keeps in sync with with the child's progress, periodically checking their understanding. This monitors progress, and keeps one reading on the correct level.

At the end of each story, the app tests the child on newly introduced words. This is done by the app taking each word, one at a time, speaking it and showing different possible words to choose from.

Pocket Phonics Stories won 2015 Best Learning Apps & Games award from Balefire Labs. Out of the 4,500 education apps they reviewed, it was one of only six apps given an A+ rating. Additionally it received Academic Choices Award Winner and is used in over two thousand Elementary schools.

Parents can check their child's progress online. A free guide is provided, to assist them in teaching their children with the app and understand it's method.

It's simply brilliant!

Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.


  • Writing letters (two different writing styles plus cursive option)
  • Recognizing 72 letter sounds (e.g. ‘ch’ are the letters that make the initial sound in ‘chat’)
  • Blending letter sounds together to make words (e.g ‘ch-a-t’)
  • Hearing a word and selecting its written form (e.g. the app says, “chat”, the child has to select ‘chat’ from a group of words - some of which are similar to chat)
  • Monitor your child's progress online.
  • Order the app's FREE GUIDE to teaching kids to read to understand how it teaches.

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