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Preschool & kindergarten all in one learning games

Age Level: Ages 0–5
By Developer: CFC s.r.o.

Preschool & kindergarten all in one learning games familiarizes kids in such areas as letters, numbers from 1-10, 1-20 & 1-100, shapes and colors. Throughout the app the child has the mission of helping aliens accomplish such tasks as: taking off in their space ships, fueling their space ships and eating delectable numbers, colors, shapes and the like. The app is full of clearly announced instruction and cute alien sounds and animation.


In letters, there is practice in writing both upper and lowercase, separately. Each of these have three tracing modes. First, the child is presented with a letter shape as a gray field, with dashes inside to follow along. Along the dashes are little space ships. A white arrow instructs the child in where to begin, while a dot is presented at the end of each separate action in writing. Next, the child traces using only the dashes, and then just using the space ships to trace along. All three steps include the white arrow and dot to trace towards. Should there be any difficulty, the dashes show up to assist. If more assistance is needed, the gray field and the dashes are once again presented. All tracing allows the space ships to fly off, accompanied by the sound of happy aliens. Tracing numbers follows in this same wise.


In addition to tracing there are several fun and engaging mini-games to play that allow the child more hands-on experience using letters, numbers, colors, shapes and more. Games are covered in the featured section of this review.

The player has the choice of picking and choosing any aspect of the app they would like to engage in.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Unlock all games for $2.99.


  • Uppercase letters, lowercase letters, shapes, colors, numbers 1-10, numbers 1-100, with space themed mini-games which include both matching and recognition activities
  • Feed the aliens. -- The cute little alien babies are hungry! Can you drag the flowers with the correct symbol to feed them?
  • Land UFOs. -- The shiny UFOs are coming in for a landing. Land the UFOs to their right landing bases
  • Connect the space dots. -- Connect the dots in an alphabetical or numerical order. Can you guess who is hiding behind the dots? Color the aliens. -- Have fun learning with this special interactive coloring book. Crack the code to color the picture
  • Vacuum the space. -- Operate our fancy vacuum cleaner to clean up the planet!
  • Match the planets. -- Oh, who is it that hides behind the planets? Memorize the pictures and match them to help aliens get back home!

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