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Quick Math Jr. - Pre-K to Year 1 Math Practice

Age Level: Ages 0–5, Ages 5-8
By Developer: Shiny Things

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Children’s Tech Review Parents’ Choice Award

Quick Math Jr. is a cute and fun way for children to learn math concepts. In the basic version, your child will play three games. One of these gives the concepts of sequences of numbers, counting them out-loud once the correct numbers are placed. Another game allows the child to see the written symbol and put the equivalent amount of “math monsters” in a bus. The third game shows a certain amount of monsters and the numeral they represent.

The games do not allow a child to complete each step before going on to the next frame of that game. The game keeps track of how well the child did and continues to keep the games at the correct level for that child. Although the games start at a very simple level, the gradual level of learning will take your child up to number placement (such as sequencing) all the way up to 100, forwards and backwards.

As a child plays, upon completing all sets in the game-play, they will be taken to a page that allows them to customize their monsters. They can choose from different eyes, noses, hats, mouths and colors, to make their very own math monster. These customized monsters can be modified to their liking.

There is an unlimited amount of profiles you can set up, as well as the ability to see how each child is progressing.

An in-app purchase of $3.99 gives you 6 games in total, with additional learning methods. This app is beautifully designed with very fun sound effects.

This app is definitely worth downloading and checking out. I think you will find it a helpful tool for “bringing home” math to your budding scholar!

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • Allows for multiple players
  • Develops number sense
  • Practice number sequence up to 100
  • Give conceptual understanding of a numeral vs. amount given
  • Learn counting other than starting at 1
  • Count forwards and backwards
  • Teaches place value
  • Create equality using balance
  • Learn addition and subtraction concepts
  • Written problem solving
  • Practice writing numbers
  • And have fun while doing it!

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