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Reading Raven HD

Age Level: Ages 0–5, Ages 5-8
By Developer: Early Ascent, LLC

Apple "Staff Favorites" & "What's Hot" in Education and many other awards and recognitions!

This app is a very simple and effective way to teach kids from the age of 3 to 7. It's user-friendly interface allows kids to enter in at their own level. At the beginning level, it teaches things as simple as the different letters and the sounds they make and in further lessons, such things as phonics, spelling, writing, rhyming, etc.

This app includes 5 different levels of difficulty. Once your child has mastered a level they are eased into learning the next. The lessons are laid out in increasing levels of difficulty, creating a very simple and effective way of learning.

Each lesson provides interactive games and tasks to help gain a better understanding of what is being taught. Once a game or task is completed, the child is rewarded a sticker, which they can then use to decorate Reading Raven's tree house.

Compatible with iPad.
Created for children 5 and under.


  • Lessons which allow kids to enter and learn at their own level
  • Lessons have increasing levels of challenge from simply learning letters and their individual sounds to reading words and sentences as well as rhyming.
  • Earn stickers to decorate Reading Raven's treehouse each time a new stage of learning is complete
  • Easy vocal directions for kids to follow
  • Pictures representing different things which start with the letter being taught
  • Games included in each lesson which allow the child to practice what they have learned

Video Review