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ReadQuick - Speed Reader

Age Level: Ages: 12 +
By Developer: Action Now

ReadQuick is an astonishingly simple and effective app that improves reading comprehension and speed with a very simple functionality which will thrill even the most technologically challenged person.

ReadQuick matches up with frequently read news sources, articles and other web services in which people can read articles and papers. The user adjusts a starting speed of words per minute. This is how many words one can read with comprehension in any given minute. The app then goes through the article by showing only one word at a time on the screen. Within seconds you will find yourself reading with comprehension, and faster, than ever before.

I turned it on and jumped to 250 words per minute a challenge! Within 20 seconds I had the hang of it and was following along with the article and understanding the whole thing. The app can build you up to reading 800 words per minute, and that is a very, very rapid clip. I suggest a lot of practice on the slower speeds first!

Each article or story is started by double tapping the screen, and can be stopped in the same way. This way the reader can stop reading materials to reach for a dictionary, if needed. A button also allows easy access to the full article/story without the word-by-word so readers can go back and catch up on any bit they feel they may have missed. A little practice with this app, just a little bit a day, will greatly speed anyone's ability to study and read with lightning fast speed.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. In-app purchasing.


  • Easy to use
  • Word-by-word speed reading
  • Access to numerous literary and news sources for reading materials

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