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SAT Prep by Ready4

Age Level: Ages: 12 +

The SAT Test is widely used for college admission in the United States. Given that, it is important for students to be prepared for this stepping stone toward their future goals.

Upon starting the app, you set up a profile and then take a test, allowing the algorithm to create the best learning path. You can view each answer for results.

The app provides a list of colleges. You can browse 1,000's of colleges of interest and see how far away you are on your SAT score for admittance. In addition, you can add specific preferences, helping you narrow down your search results.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. In-app purchasing of $4.99 for premium version.


  • Intuitive lessons that take you through SAT concepts step-by-step
  • Over 1,000 SAT questions with detailed answer explanations
  • Hundreds of flashcards you can bookmark to review later
  • Track your strengths and weaknesses with our in-app analytics
  • Customizable practice tests to fit your needs
  • Question of the Day keeps you engaged and in the zone for your upcoming test
  • Top Schools List: Browse 400+ colleges and universities and add the schools you wish to apply to on your Top Schools List
  • See exactly how far away your estimated SAT score is from your school’s average scores, and get a clear picture of how close you are to getting the SAT score you need
  • School Matcher: Find schools that match your preferences and future goals using our smart matching algorithm

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